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...This is a ministry to Southern Baptist churches (some other denominations as well) and pastors seeking direction and leadership in changing or moving to a new field. The ministry is provided by concerned individuals and contributions from those individuals.

Matches made in heaven? Try cyberspace. Baptist churches needing a pastor, Pastor needing a church....Get a little help from Leader Connect!

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You'll find...

  • Resources for ministers seeking church positions

  • Resources for church Search Committees

  • Resources for the Pastor's Wife

  • Etc...

How it works...

  • Churchlists is published each month near the end of the month. Cost for hard copies is $9 a year.  This has been non-profit ministry since 1986.  All changes reported by the morning of the 25th are included.  Any verified information is welcomed.   Call us (972-359-1933) or mail information (or send email to churchlist@sbcglobal.net 
    Visit our web sites at www.churchlist.info or www.baptistlist.org   Your cooperation and providing information is essential.   Please help each month

  • Subscriptions DO NOT pay the cost of research, phone calls etc. so those who use the list and can pay should do so Information is always needed and appreciated.

  • Lonnie Odom's list and resume service now has it's own website: www.pastorstaff.net

  • Search Committee  help is now found at the  www.bgct.org web site.  Scroll to "Leadership" in the links at the top left.  In the drop-down menu, click on "Search Committee Help."  In the first paragraph of the new page you'll see "Resume Service."   This service is now run by Tom Lane.  At www.bgco.org you can find the Oklahoma helps, run by Sam Vinall.   If other state conventions also have this kind of help, we will be glad to list them.